HydroxyCut Max Women and Men’s Latest Fat Burner Speaks Volumes!

Muscle Techs latest weight loss supplement Hydroxycut Max Women and Mens Diet pill is somewhat of a watered down version of it’s original weight loss pill, the “ephedra stack”.

This for health reasons had to be taken off the shelves due to it’s high composition of ephedra, as a similar product, the “Size Zero” pill posed some serious side effects to those that abused this over the counter weight loss product.

However, that said, HydroxyCut Max does pose some interesting statistics among it’s recent users.

Testimonials include a noticeable improvement when taking this supplement when it’s coupled with exercise. Reports indicate that it does offer an increase in energy which some feel is welcome while for others do however feel it provides some jittery effects.

This is in part due to:

  • One: It’s high caffeine level, as if you take the recommended dose this is equivalent to 2 to 3 cups of coffee. This may turn people away, however it is its high concentration of caffeine combined with its high level of green tea which has proven to be a powerful ingredient to assist in weight loss.

The properties of Hydroxycut Max for women and men though are much more complex. Aside from it’s green tea constituent it includes:

  • Two: Norepidrol, an intensity focus blend, which athletes find rewarding.
  • Three: Hydroxycut also includes Lasidrate, a delivery blend which helps in the biovavailability  of the product. And finally:
  • Four: Yohimacore, the Yohimbine blend. This is explained in more detail in the website below but in essence reports indicate that Yohimb helps facilitate muscle growth which in turn burn the fat surrounding the muscle to assist in weight loss.

Do Men Have Faster Metabolism Than Women?

The answer to this question is one simple yes. Men have faster metabolism than women, and yes they do burn a lot more calories then women. However, the difference is of a modest kind and both men and women can be very successful in losing weight.

There is one completely logical reason why men have an advantage over women when metabolism is under consideration. Men have a higher amount of lean body mass, or muscles compared to the women.

We all know that speeding up metabolism is one of the key features in effectively losing more weight. The best possible way to kick start our metabolism is to exercise as much as possible. When exercising, we are starting up our muscles, which in return burn our fat. Our body fat is like food to these muscles, so the more hungry they are the more weight we are losing.

Men lose weight faster because they simply have more muscles then women. This means that they are burning calories even when resting so that the result is a higher weight loss. But keep in mind that men’s metabolism is not that much faster then women’s. Research has found men’s metabolism is 5 to 10 percent higher then a women’s metabolism. Therefore, yes men have faster metabolism but they also tend to be more active then women and that the research of calorie loss in women is 37 percent lower then that of men. But if we put all of this aside women are a lot more meticulous then men. They are very careful about their eating habits, and pay a lot more attention to what they eat and how much. They also have a little more time to enjoy their meal, compared to a women since woman overall have a little more responsibilitie than a man!

So the only reason why men have faster metabolism is because they have a lot more muscle tissue then women. For this reason, men who have a higher ratio of muscle to fat tend to burn up a lot more calories faster and easier. But not to forget that a fat man have a slower metabolism then any active and slim lady.

In addition, when it comes to age there is a huge difference. Women’s metabolism slows down with age a lot faster then men. Again, the reason for this is that men have greater amount of muscles, which stay active even when in late forties, and that is when they start to see considerable weight gain. But even if men do have a higher metabolic rate than women, women can increase theirs as well.

How to Gain Weight For Women – How to Go From Skinny to Curvy and Put on Weight Fast

To a society that seems obsessed with LOSING weight, it may seem strange when you ask how you can GAIN weight. Ask anyone how to lose weight and they’ll run off a huge list diets, contraptions, clubs and gizmos that everyone seems to have tried, but without much success. However, ask people how skinny girls can put on weight, and you’ll no doubt get a blank expression or worse, a sarcastic and questioning answer like “why do you want to put on weight? I wish I had your ‘problem’!”

Well, to the hardgainer like you and me this IS a real problem, as being skinny affects our confidence, health and self-esteem. But every problem has a solution, and so today I’m gonna give you 5 tips that skinny girls are using to solve the problem of how to gain weight for women.

You ready?… let’s go!

How To Gain Weight For Women Tip 1 – Put On Some Muscle

Packing on a few pounds of muscle is the surest and healthiest way for women to put on weight and accentuate their natural sexy curves. Muscle weighs more than fat so it makes sense to put on muscle weight rather than fat, plus you get to decide where the muscles grow (I say this because people put fat on in different places depending on their body type… trust me, it’ll always end up where you least want it – typically on a woman this is around her butt and waist)

Don’t be afraid of building muscle by weight training – you won’t get huge like Arnie or anything… in fact a woman’s body simply doesn’t produce enough testosterone to get big.

Make a weight training routine part of your workouts at the gym and you’ll put on weight quickly and in the places that you want.

How To Gain Weight For Women Tip 2 – Reduce Your Cardio Exercises

Cardio is a staple part of most womens workouts and is always recommended in most magazines, but if you’re looking for how to gain weight, then cardio will actually be making your life more difficult, as it is simply burning more fat and calories and leaving nothing for your body to store.

If you’re looking to gain weight, sort out a workout routine that focuses more on mass building exercises like weights and less on cardio.

How To Gain Weight For Women Tip 3 – Sleep More

And you thought this weight gain for women thing was all gonna be hard work? This is the easy bit, and the most often overlooked.

When we sleep our bodies produce natural growth hormones which help repair our muscles and enable to gain weight and muscle mass. The highest secretions of these hormones are during deep sleep, and so it is important to get a good night’s rest when thinking about how to gain weight for women. Around 8 hours is ideal. Try to eliminate as much stress from your daily life as possible as this can affect your sleep and cause to lose more weight rather than gain it.

How To Gain Weight For Women Tip 4 – Eat More

In addition to starting a weight training program you should be eating a lot more. Muscle mass and weight are gained by consuming more calories than we burn off, so you should consume an extra 500-1000 calories per day compared to the average woman (avg. is around 2000, so you should try to get about 2,500-3000 per day).

Split this over 6 smaller meals per day and focus on your proteins – which are the building blocks of muscle.

How To Gain Weight For Women Tip 5 – Use Protein Powders And Shakes

To build muscle and gain weight you’ll need to focus on your proteins – around 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight (i.e. if you weigh 150 pounds then you should be consuming around 150 grams of protein per day).

The best way to consume these proteins is in the form of natural foods like lean meats, fish, beans and pulses, eggs and milk. However, this can be difficult in today’s busy lifestyles, so think about incorporating a protein shake into your daily meal plans. One serving of a protein shake can provide you with as much as 50-60 grams of protein in one shot, so it’s extremely convenient.