Does Metabolism Slow Down After Pregnancy? – Get the Details!

Does your metabolism slow down after pregnancy? Most women know that their body experience hormonal surges that affect the body’s processes, including nutrient delivery, storage of fat, and energy processing. Typically, the metabolism also increases which is why most pregnant women always feel hungry almost all of the time.

After giving birth, these hormones fall drastically and would continue to do so in 4 to 5 months after childbirth. Different women have various reactions to the decline of hormone. Some enter a state of depression or postnatal depression while some adapt to their hormonal changes easily. Mood swings are linked to the decline of thyroid hormones, which also regulate the body’s metabolism.

Reduced thyroid hormones affect how the body regulates energy from food. As it takes several months before the normal production of hormone returns, burning of calories while at rest will most probably slow down during this time. Symptoms of depression, onset by the decreased thyroid hormones, also have a huge effect on weight gain. Your body is also drained of stored nutrients after childbirth, which slows down the metabolism and prevents mothers from losing weight.

Losing weight after pregnancy

With hormonal changes, lost nutrients, and other physical changes that occur after pregnancy, it is not recommended to try to shed pounds immediately after pregnancy. At least not in the way to go on some extreme diet! The most important thing is to get sufficient nutrition and gain more healthy calories needed for breastfeeding. On a lighter note, breastfeeding can help you lose a little weight. You can start with light exercise and increase it as you go further. Take out the junk food out of your snacking and all these little steps will help you lose the weight. However, as mentioned above, women respond to changes differently so be observant of your body’s reaction to such changes.

If you do not want to gain more pounds, it is best to consult a dietician for a weight loss program after childbirth. Reduce intake of empty calories but do not cut off healthy calories as it would only slow down your metabolism more. As much as possible, increase your daily activity. Start by taking your baby for morning walks, dancing him carefully to music, or stroll him or her to the park. You may always be worried and ask does your metabolism slow down after pregnancy. Whether it does or not, the main concern is to keep you and your baby healthy before, during, and after childbirth.

Do Men Have Faster Metabolism Than Women?

The answer to this question is one simple yes. Men have faster metabolism than women, and yes they do burn a lot more calories then women. However, the difference is of a modest kind and both men and women can be very successful in losing weight.

There is one completely logical reason why men have an advantage over women when metabolism is under consideration. Men have a higher amount of lean body mass, or muscles compared to the women.

We all know that speeding up metabolism is one of the key features in effectively losing more weight. The best possible way to kick start our metabolism is to exercise as much as possible. When exercising, we are starting up our muscles, which in return burn our fat. Our body fat is like food to these muscles, so the more hungry they are the more weight we are losing.

Men lose weight faster because they simply have more muscles then women. This means that they are burning calories even when resting so that the result is a higher weight loss. But keep in mind that men’s metabolism is not that much faster then women’s. Research has found men’s metabolism is 5 to 10 percent higher then a women’s metabolism. Therefore, yes men have faster metabolism but they also tend to be more active then women and that the research of calorie loss in women is 37 percent lower then that of men. But if we put all of this aside women are a lot more meticulous then men. They are very careful about their eating habits, and pay a lot more attention to what they eat and how much. They also have a little more time to enjoy their meal, compared to a women since woman overall have a little more responsibilitie than a man!

So the only reason why men have faster metabolism is because they have a lot more muscle tissue then women. For this reason, men who have a higher ratio of muscle to fat tend to burn up a lot more calories faster and easier. But not to forget that a fat man have a slower metabolism then any active and slim lady.

In addition, when it comes to age there is a huge difference. Women’s metabolism slows down with age a lot faster then men. Again, the reason for this is that men have greater amount of muscles, which stay active even when in late forties, and that is when they start to see considerable weight gain. But even if men do have a higher metabolic rate than women, women can increase theirs as well.