Do Men Have Faster Metabolism Than Women?

The answer to this question is one simple yes. Men have faster metabolism than women, and yes they do burn a lot more calories then women. However, the difference is of a modest kind and both men and women can be very successful in losing weight.

There is one completely logical reason why men have an advantage over women when metabolism is under consideration. Men have a higher amount of lean body mass, or muscles compared to the women.

We all know that speeding up metabolism is one of the key features in effectively losing more weight. The best possible way to kick start our metabolism is to exercise as much as possible. When exercising, we are starting up our muscles, which in return burn our fat. Our body fat is like food to these muscles, so the more hungry they are the more weight we are losing.

Men lose weight faster because they simply have more muscles then women. This means that they are burning calories even when resting so that the result is a higher weight loss. But keep in mind that men’s metabolism is not that much faster then women’s. Research has found men’s metabolism is 5 to 10 percent higher then a women’s metabolism. Therefore, yes men have faster metabolism but they also tend to be more active then women and that the research of calorie loss in women is 37 percent lower then that of men. But if we put all of this aside women are a lot more meticulous then men. They are very careful about their eating habits, and pay a lot more attention to what they eat and how much. They also have a little more time to enjoy their meal, compared to a women since woman overall have a little more responsibilitie than a man!

So the only reason why men have faster metabolism is because they have a lot more muscle tissue then women. For this reason, men who have a higher ratio of muscle to fat tend to burn up a lot more calories faster and easier. But not to forget that a fat man have a slower metabolism then any active and slim lady.

In addition, when it comes to age there is a huge difference. Women’s metabolism slows down with age a lot faster then men. Again, the reason for this is that men have greater amount of muscles, which stay active even when in late forties, and that is when they start to see considerable weight gain. But even if men do have a higher metabolic rate than women, women can increase theirs as well.

Fat Burning Tips – The Best Tips For Men and Women to Burn Body Fat

Fat burning has been the most integral part in losing weight and staying fit. Fat burning tips are everywhere to guide you on your mission to shed off those extra inches from your waistline. Most people are too concerned about losing weight without knowing how to properly do it. The main point of losing weight is to lose fat and build muscles for muscles are active tissues and they burn fat relatively faster.

A lot of people think that going on a diet and/or depriving yourself of food intake is the key to lose weight. This is definitely not true, what makes you overweight in the first place are your excess and bad eating habits as well as your lack of exercise. The decision to change for a better lifestyle is the best way for us to envision our fat loss plans. Food is synonymous to energy, that is why we become energized when we eat. The thing is if we burn less amount of energy in comparison to the amount we take in then chances are we will be gaining weight. Thus, in order for us to get started with the right way to burn fat, here are a few fat burning tips that you can follow.

The most vital among all fat burning tips is for you to watch what you eat. Adjust your food intake and make sure to reduce on your calories. The best way for this is to reduce your salt intake since if this is combined with fat may promote water retention in your body causing you to gain weight. Another tip is for you to learn how to control your eating habits. Most of us don’t want to sleep on an empty stomach but we must all learn to not take anything at least two hours before we sleep. Eating before going to bed will just make you gain weight since you don’t require much energy during slumber.

Proper exercise is also one of the major fat burning tips you need to heed to get your objective. Exercise promotes metabolism allowing you to burn fat instead of having it stored. There are a lot of exercises that you can do that will surely speed up your metabolism such as walking, jogging, swimming, climbing and a lot more. The main idea again behind every workout is to utilize as many muscle groups as possible because the more muscle you use the more chances that you will be burning more amount of fat. Moreover, it has been proven by a lot of wellness experts that the more regular an individual exercises, the faster the results will be and the longevity of the results will be magnificent as well.

Follow these fat burning tips and you will surely be headed towards that slim and fit body. Always keep in mind that these tips will go well with the proper diet. Add two major ingredients as well which are discipline and consistency and you surely will go a long way.