10 Minutes to Weight Loss

There have been hundreds of articles telling us to fit anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour of cardiovascular exercise into our daily lives. For many women, “that,” as they say, “just ain’t gonna’ happen!” Between working long hours and taking care of a home and family, most women complain that they have no time to just unwind for a few minutes before falling asleep. The idea of “finding” an extra hour every day is impossible.

But the good news is that any amount of physical activity is going to burn calories and help you lose weight. And 10 minutes here and there CAN make a difference.

Here’s more good news…”physical activity” for the purpose of burning calories doesn’t HAVE to mean running or playing tennis. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to include getting out of the house at all.

Bigger, stronger muscles burn more calories than un-developed ones. Muscle tone also makes us look better, too. So, we get a huge payoff from this. While we’re burning off the extra body fat, we’re making our muscles lean and strong – one activity can do both.

Once the body fat is gone (or reduced), the toned muscles are more visible – making you LOOK EVEN THINNER! Now, isn’t that a nice bonus?

There are ways you can burn calories AND develop muscle tone at the same time.

As I said, I know time is at a premium for all of us. So, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to spend just 10 minutes moving and working some muscles several times throughout the day. How are you going to find the 10 minutes? That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. Here are some questions to help you do that:

* Do you have television time built into your evening?

* How about meal prep and/or cleanup. Do you spend 10 minutes in the kitchen?

* Do you spend at least 10 minutes doing hair and makeup in the morning?

* Do you work in a building that has a large parking lot?

* Do you get at least a 30 minute lunch break?

* Can you get up 10 minutes earlier?

Here’s my TOP 10 List on what to do with those 10 minute blocks of time:

1. Put on some music while you’re drying your hair, getting dressed, making meals, etc. and just dance to the music. Who says Cameron Diaz is the only one who gets to dance in her underwear? I burned lots of calories in the privacy of my own bathroom and bedroom. Remember, it doesn’t have to be pretty….just make it fun and get your heart rate up a little!

2. While watching TV, get up and walk in place.

3. While sitting, watching TV, etc., lift 1-3 pound hand weights in a biceps curl. Don’t have weights? No problem, just use canned vegetables.

4. While sitting, alternately raise your feet off the floor (using your thigh muscles). Be sure to tighten your abs while you’re doing this and press your lower back into the chair or sofa so you don’t arch your back.

5. You’ve heard this one before…park your car as far away from the door as possible and walk briskly (weather and safety conditions permitting, of course). BONUS: by the time you get into the office, your blood will be pumping and you’ll be more energized to tackle whatever lands on your desk. Just remember to take a pair of walking shoes along so you’re not attempting this in high heels!

6. Before you sit down to eat lunch, take a 10 minute walk around the building (either inside or out). BONUS: after a brisk walk, you’ll eat less.

7. Instead of opening the door to the back yard to let the dog out, actually take him/her for a walk.

8. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If this activity is too strenuous for you right now, only go DOWN the stairs. You’re not burning as many calories as when you climb them, but a whole lot more than standing in an elevator. NOTE: many buildings only allow you to exit the stairwell on the ground floor, so plan accordingly. If you’re only prepared to go down one or two flights, don’t start on the 10th floor!

9. While attending your children’s (or grandchildren’s) sporting events, find an area where you can stand and walk around rather than sitting in the bleachers.

10. Go shopping! Both indoor and outdoor malls are a great place to walk. Just make sure you’re moving enough to get your heart rate elevated. And be sure to resist the temptation to “reward” yourself with ice cream, cookies or pretzels!

Admittedly, each of these activities alone burns only a few calories. But it’s a good start if you’ve been sedentary for a long time. By scheduling five or six 10-minute blocks of time into your day – EVERY DAY – you can burn an extra 100-200 calories. Combine that with a lower-calorie diet and you can easily lose a pound a week.

Male vs Female Fat Loss – Who Has It Easier?

The Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Hard for Women & Men to Burn Body Fat

Men and women both have a hard time losing body fat, but for different reasons.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it’s hard for men and women to lose body fat, and gives the 3 proven diet and exercise techniques for losing as much fat as possible in only 12 weeks.

Men and women struggle with fat loss for different reasons, but does one sex have an easier time with weight loss?

Here are 5 reasons men and women struggle with weight, and the 3 essential techniques everyone must follow in order to burn fat and boost their metabolism.

#1) The number one reason men and women have a hard time losing weight is because of poor nutrition.

Advantage: Women

Most women are better educated on food choices, but men continue to eat as if they were still playing college football. As a result, men will have a harder time losing weight because no matter how much they exercise, they are still eating too many calories. You can’t “out-train a bad diet”.

#2) The second reason men and women struggle with weight loss is because their metabolism decreases over time due to muscle loss and reduced activity.

Advantage: Men

Most men have more muscle mass and get more exercise than women. Plus, more men do strength training while women neglect this key element of the fat burning equation.

In fact, a recent study showed that both men and women can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time with strength training – even at age 60!

Without strength training and interval training, women will continue to burn fewer calories per day with each passing year and will have a harder and harder time with fat loss.

#3) Men and women will struggle with weight loss if they only rely on slow, boring cardio.

Advantage: Men

More men do interval training, and that is better than slow cardio for fat loss.

In a recent study, men and women on a year-long cardio program lost only 6-8 pounds, even though they exercised 6 days per week.

In another study, a group of women did not lose weight after 15 weeks of cardio (3x’s per week). In contrast, a group of women in the same study that did interval training were able to lose belly fat.

#4) Men and women have a hard time with weight loss if they don’t have social support.

Advantage: Women

Most men try to do everything on their own, but weight loss is easier if you have social support. On the other hand, most women are more willing to recruit help from friends and family when on a weight loss program.

Men and women can get social support from friends at work, from their family, from people at the gym, or even in an online fat loss forum.

#5) Men and women struggle with weight loss because of poor exercise choices.

Advantage: Tie.

Most guys and gals just show up at the gym without a plan – or they just go for a jog and do some crunches. But without a professional plan, both men and women will not lose weight, but only waste time.

To lose the most amount of fat in the least amount of time, both men and women should follow a program containing the following three essential elements…

A) A reduced-calorie diet of whole, natural foods.

No one needs an extreme eating plan. Just focus on eating 10-20% fewer calories than you need, focusing on vegetables, fruits, nuts, and sources of protein and healthy fats. Stay away from anything in a bag or a box.

B) Resistance training (Strength training)

Resistance training, using dumbells, bodyweight exercises, or barbells help men and women burn fat and build muscle.

C) Interval training

Short bursts of exercise, as done in interval training, work better than slow, boring cardio, and get results in half the time.

In a recent transformation contest, both men and women using a fat loss program of resistance training and interval training were able to lose up to 33 pounds of fat in only 12 weeks.

The Transformation Contest winner was a female, while second place went to a man who lost 33 pounds in only 12 weeks – this proves that both men and women can burn belly fat with resistance training and interval training for fat loss.

Top 3 Weight Loss Pitfalls

You may think you are doing everything right and still your weight loss efforts are stalled, or worse, you find the scale going in the wrong direction! Maybe you successfully lost weight, but now the number on the scale is creeping back up. What’s going on here? Well there are a few common pitfalls people tend to slip into without realizing they are sabotaging their efforts. Here are the 3 most common:

1. Skimping on Protein. Starting your day with a complete protein will increase chemicals in the brain that not only improve sleep but also improve your mood due to their tryptophan content. This amino acid is a precursor to serotonin the feel-good hormone that keeps you feeling happy and motivated. Serotonin becomes melatonin, which helps you sleep at night. Fewer than 6 hours of sleep per day is associated with low-grade chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, increased risk for obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Sleep is critical for maintaining healthy weight and protein is important for restful sleep. Adequate protein in the morning blunts appetite throughout the day and studies showed starting the day with clean protein instead of carbs can reduce risk of fatigue by up to 75% for 6 hours and double your energy within 30 minutes! (A better workout!) One study found women who included protein at breakfast lost weight 65% faster.

2. Doing the same workout day in and day out. When you follow a consistent exercise program, your body gets more efficient and you no longer burn as many calories. You either have to increase the intensity or change your routine regularly if you want to maintain your weight loss. Your body is Intelligently created and when you do the same 3 miles on the treadmill or the same kettle bell workout every day, your body adapts. Just vary your routine – the intensity, number of reps, speed, and even the specific exercises every few weeks to keep your body surprised and burning the maximum number of calories. It is one of my recommendations in my book, Today is Still the Day.

3. Not Drinking Water. Don’t get so caught up in eating healthy foods that you overlook drinking adequate water. Staying hydrated reduces hunger, increases the number of calories you burn and improves your body’s ability to burn body fat for energy. Drinking 16 oz. 15-30 minutes before meals boosts metabolism 24-30% over the next hour to 1.5 hours.

My basic recommendation is one half your body weight in ounces and including ΒΌ tsp. of natural, unprocessed salt for every 32 oz.

Are any of these pitfalls hindering your efforts?