Lose Weight With Fitness Boxing – 3 Hot Tips to Include in Your Boxing Workouts

Is this you?

You want to lose weight and you heard boxing workouts are the best way to pound away those excess pounds.

So you rushed to the sports store and bought punch mitts, gloves and maybe a punching bag for your garage.

But now what? The gear you bought did not come with instructions. Can you really lose weight boxing at home?

Yes! This article will reveal 3 hot weight loss tips you can include in your boxing workouts, no matter what your level and no matter where you train – at home, in the gym or even outdoors.

Hot Boxing Weight Loss tip #1 – Technique Matters: Learn to punch correctly

After 17 years of teaching Authentic Fitness Boxing – more than 200 people every week, most of them women, I can share a secret with you. Fitness Boxing students who pay even some attention to technique get far better fitness and weight loss results than those who just have a hit and giggle. And here’s the best part – it doesn’t take much more effort to do it the right way.

One of my best students, Row, a woman aged 30 with an office job, punches with superb technique – and it has paid sweet dividends for her. She has combined boxing workouts with swimming and lost more than 20 pounds. You can see a clip of her in action on my blog, but the point is her superb technique means she gets far more than most out of each punch she throws. This has turbo charged her weight loss and fitness results.

Action Steps – Be a student of good technique. Look up clips online or get a lesson from a boxing trainer (not a personal trainer unless they know boxing).

Hot Boxing Weight Loss tip #2 – Power Punching: Putting more of you into your punches

Most beginners punch just with their arms. But the arm is really just the “nail,” while the hips and core are your “hammer.” Most people would agree that it is the hammer that drives the nail into a target. It’s the same with a good punch. Twisting the hips, driving with the core and rotating the body are your secrets to power punching and burning more calories.

Like a golf swing or tennis serve it’s using the whole body in motion which creates the result. Using those bigger muscles of the hips, core, legs and back naturally burn more calories and it gets those muscles into shape.

Action steps: Because you are going to be hitting harder, use proper boxing gloves, wrap the hands and tighten the fist just before impact. Also breath out as you punch. Commit to your punches and follow through every time.

Hot Boxing Weight Loss tip #3 – Punches in Bunches: The more punches you throw the more weight you’ll lose

While this tip may seem obvious it’s incredible how many people don’t follow it when they do a boxing workout. If you took up jogging to get fit, you probably wont achieve much if you just stroll to the shops. It’s the same for Fitness Boxing workouts. Throwing one jab every 5 seconds won’t cut it.

Action Steps: Throw your punches in bunches of 3 or 4 in rapid fire. For example Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross is better than just the occasional one-off Jab. Also, use a round timer (a kitchen timer or stop watch will do). Work in 2 or 3 minute rounds, rest, then go again. This is how boxers train. And we all know how fit, strong and lean they are.

May you get fighting fit!

Healthy Diet And Fitness Tips For Women

Women have a major influence on the overall health of all the members in a family. This is true whether the woman works inside or outside the home. In most households, women are the key decision makers when it comes to planning meals. They are usually the ones preparing food at home and planning grocery shopping lists. In general, women also tend to be more health conscious and care for other family members. Mothers can help get their children off to a healthy start by teaching healthy food and fitness habits at a very young age. Providing health and fitness tips to women helps the entire family.

A preventive strategy can help delay or reduce long term medical expenses associated with chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. Most homes have a television, computer, or video game system which promotes a sedentary lifestyle. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and weight management are crucial for heart disease prevention. Getting regular exercise has become an organized activity even for children. A busy lifestyle also means that we need to plan and schedule time for daily exercise whether it is walking, yoga, jogging, or weight training at the gym. Yes, weight training does not always mean big muscles; this is a common concern among women. Weight training helps tone the body, strengthens bones and boosts metabolism. Free fitness tips and instructional videos on weight training and yoga are available online to help educate the public. Online fitness trackers can calculate the calories you burn with different physical activities, a helpful tool if you are on a weight loss program.

Women can set an example for the entire family by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Fad diets that focus on single foods or nutrients are not healthy and result in short term weight loss. Most people regain the weight when they eventually revert to old eating habits. A healthy diet for women is well-balanced and rich in nutrients. It not only supports weight management but also includes nutrients for unique needs like pregnancy, breast feeding, bone health, and anemia (related to menstrual issues). Nutrition and diet are among the most popularly searched for topics on the internet. Use common sense and good judgment, check your online sources of information. Follow diet tips for weight loss offered by qualified professionals like registered dietitians and doctors. Beware of miraculous weight loss potions, pills and powders; remember that it takes time to gain weight and even more to lose it.

Fitness Over 60 – DIY Tips For 60 Plus Women to Lose Weight Safely & Stay Fit Without Joining a Gym

One might be fit as fiddle but age does make an impact on all of us. After the age of 60 it is necessary to look after your health. The most issue on the cards is weight loss. The 60 plus women & men can’t really focus on the gym option as well. This is because of time constraint or some health issues. Maintaining your fitness over 60 might sound tough but with some simple lifestyle changes one can achieve it.

Let us see some Do-It Yourself (DIY) tips for 60 plus women to lose weight safely and stay fit without joining a gym:


· At this age the best workout is brisk walking every morning or before your sleep at night. You may have a group of two to three of you going together for a stroll. That would keep up your interest and help you maintain the routine.

· Yoga & meditation are also a great help in weight loss. These breathing techniques help you stay cleansed internally keep fit by all means. They keep up your fitness over 60 and help you live longer.

· You may use electromagnetic massagers to stimulate your nerves and relax the body. That helps in relieving the pains if any.

Handling Stress

Stress & tensions often lead to weight gain and various other ailments. You must try to stay calm. Over thinking often leads to high blood pressure that obstructs in the process of weight loss.


You must not keep hungry or pick any starvation diet to lose weight. The safest means for the 60 plus women is to take natural diet supplements like acai & resveratrol. Along with the ponds loss, they aid in fighting all the signs of aging. They reduce the wrinkles & fine and add a glow to your skin. They also strengthen the hair and nails. Acai, especially, holds back your digestion problems and hence helps you shed off the extra pounds quite easily.

Along side, some DIY diet tips are as follows:

· In place of sugar take apples & honey as sweeteners.

· Have lots of raw fruits and vegetables in the form of salads dressed with lemon and cayenne pepper.

· Go for your medical check ups regularly and before switching on any diet, consult with your doctor.