HydroxyCut Max Women and Men’s Latest Fat Burner Speaks Volumes!

Muscle Techs latest weight loss supplement Hydroxycut Max Women and Mens Diet pill is somewhat of a watered down version of it’s original weight loss pill, the “ephedra stack”.

This for health reasons had to be taken off the shelves due to it’s high composition of ephedra, as a similar product, the “Size Zero” pill posed some serious side effects to those that abused this over the counter weight loss product.

However, that said, HydroxyCut Max does pose some interesting statistics among it’s recent users.

Testimonials include a noticeable improvement when taking this supplement when it’s coupled with exercise. Reports indicate that it does offer an increase in energy which some feel is welcome while for others do however feel it provides some jittery effects.

This is in part due to:

  • One: It’s high caffeine level, as if you take the recommended dose this is equivalent to 2 to 3 cups of coffee. This may turn people away, however it is its high concentration of caffeine combined with its high level of green tea which has proven to be a powerful ingredient to assist in weight loss.

The properties of Hydroxycut Max for women and men though are much more complex. Aside from it’s green tea constituent it includes:

  • Two: Norepidrol, an intensity focus blend, which athletes find rewarding.
  • Three: Hydroxycut also includes Lasidrate, a delivery blend which helps in the biovavailability  of the product. And finally:
  • Four: Yohimacore, the Yohimbine blend. This is explained in more detail in the website below but in essence reports indicate that Yohimb helps facilitate muscle growth which in turn burn the fat surrounding the muscle to assist in weight loss.