Are You a Woman Over 30? Here’s Your Fat Loss Answer

Women frequently experience some extra body fat after age 30. Often will try just about anything to get their trim figure back. The challenge is finding the best methods for women’s fat loss over 30. Specifically a woman who has put on some extra fat around the stomach area longs to have her flat stomach back. Often they will start an exercise program to target that fat pouch.

Truth be known there are much better methods for women’s fat loss over 30. To get that flat stomach you simply have to lose some body fat. You are probably asking and what would that be?

A woman should increase her consumption of lean protein. The best sources of lean protein would be fish, chicken and egg whites. A lot of women around age 30 actually decrease their lean protein when they should actually increase it.

Start a cardiovascular exercise program with some intensity. Just walking at a comfortable pace will not provide the same benefits as good cardiovascular exercise program will. An intense workout program will trick your body to burn more fat.

Weight training can provide some real benefits in the way your body burns fat. Weight training increases your metabolism and actually keeps your metabolism increased during the day resulting in increased reduction of body fat.

Be watchful of the amount of alcohol consumed. Alcohol consumption will actually work against your body’s efforts to burn flab. Your metabolism is impaired by alcohol consumption. Reducing your fat intake provides for quick fat loss and it does not have to be too difficult.

The following tips can assist in women’s weight success over 30:

• Use low fat spread or polyunsaturated margarine instead of butter, hard fats or margarine.

• Reduce red meats that have high fat content

• Steam cook vegetables if you cook them at all

• Be creative with seasonings and spices to add flavor to your foods.

• Use skim milk

• Grill or bake meat with a rack allowing fat to drain off.

• Reduce the number of meals you eat out

All of the methods listed work together to allow for women’s fat loss over 30. A good healthy diet and exercise provides the balance for effective fat loss.